Our Mission

At Ashtanga Yoga Kentucky our mission is to teach the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method to everyone. When you enter the shala doors, everyone is equal. We are a community and we want you to feel welcome and included! We want to help cultivate a practice where you can get to know yourself and your body in a safe and sustainable way. 


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“Highly appreciative of the kind, supportive guidance through my insecurities with my practice from the very beginning. Jess changed my perspective of my own abilities, pretty much changed my view of yoga and exercise in general from punishment for what I can’t do, to acknowledging and appreciating what I can do. That’s a hard view to alter, but it translates to other aspects of life, and that’s big work.” 

Crystal, Mom & Student 

“Jessica is an incredible teacher. I appreciate the time she puts into her own practice, because that knowledge and experience shows when she leads a class. She is humble, and truly seeks to share the gifts of yoga to others."

Jennifer, owner of ZENner mobile yoga


Trini Foundation

Trini Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing the transformational practice of Ashtanga yoga to individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. 
Ashtanga Yoga Kentucky is a proud partner studio with Trini Foundation. 


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